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Fedor Vrtacnik
Conductor / Arranger / Orchestrator 


Fedor Vertacnik has finished primary music school (department of Violin), secondary music school (department of Percussion Instruments and Double Bass) and the Music Academy (department of music theory and pedagogy). In the year od 2010 he perfected master class at Berklee College of music, arranging and orchestration tehniques at jazz arranging class.


He has an excellent cooperation with many symphonies and big band orchestras worldwide such as: California philharmonic orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Wollongong Symphony Orchestra, the BBC, Virgin production, Conservatorio di musica Cesena, Brandenburg Sinfonia-Leatherhead- Philips Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow City Orchestra, Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, Netherland Theatre Orchestra , Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Armenia Philharmonic, Sarajevo Big Band, Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and  Novi Sad Big Band.

His new project " Rock opera"- symphonic rock concert, conquers Europe!!!

 He is a member of Sibelius music (the UK), Berklee music (the USA), ASCAP -The American society of composer-authors (the USA) and the founder and the director of the sheet music publications agency ‘’ORCHESTRAL SCORE PRODUCTION“.




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